Choosing the Best Home Builder for your Custom Built Home

One of the most important decisions you will make in building a custom home is choosing the best builder for the job.   Here are some of the key areas you should consider when choosing a custom home builder.

Reputation.   Get a list of homeowner references the builder’s worked for, some questions you should ask:

1         Would they recommend the builder to friends and family?

2         Did they get well timed advice about design ideas, construction material and money saving options?

3         Did the builder deliver the home within the stated time frame and within budget?

4         Were service calls handled in a timely and professional manner and were they ultimately resolved to their satisfaction?

5         Ask if they enjoy living in their homes. 

Image of custom home

Battaglia Homes, Hinsdale, IL, Custom Built Home

Another way you can find out about a builder’s reputation is by checking with local real estate agents.    Most real estate agents are familiar with local home builders and can tell you how satisfied home buyers are with those builders. 

Experience, Financial Stability & Longevity.  How long has the builder been building custom homes and when was the business established?  How much experience does the builder have in the home building industry?  Does the builder have valuable hands-on experience or does he/she act as a general manager mostly relying on subcontractors and vendors for expertise and trouble- shooting?  Having an experienced builder like Carlo Battaglia can make your home building experience as enjoyable and as stress free as possible during the construction phase and long after you’ve moved in. 

Craftsmanship.  Arrange to tour some of the homes the builder’s built and look for quality craftsmanship and attention to detail in cabinets, trim, paint, windows &  flooring.   Do they look like they have held up well or are there signs of early wearing.  Battaglia Homes  prides itself on offering the very best in quality craftsmanship and quality material with every home we build. 

Image of custom built home in Hinsdale IL

Battaglia Homes, Hinsdale IL, Custom Built Home

Once you’re confident you’ve picked the best builder for your project you’ll be able to enjoy the home building experience a whole lot more.  

Established in 1992, Battaglia Homes  is an  award-winning custom home builder serving Hinsdale and the surrounding western suburbs of Chicago.  Contact  Battaglia Homes today if you have questions about building a custom home.



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